Prayer Burns Fat

Prayer Burns Fat is a website that needs to be designed for people to come together to pray for others, donate to them or their family, and update people regarding their prayer needs. Unfortunately, as you can see, I am not a web designer. I am grateful to have come this far with this project. I do, in fact, need some assistance. The idea came to me years ago after a bible study. This is about the amazing power of prayer, the effect it has had in my life, and the hopeful effect it will have on others and in my future. I will attempt to post ideas on the site until I find someone who can either teach me, or build it for me. My prayer is that someday others will be able to come here, post a photo or video of themselves, a family member, or a pet; a story of how prayers could assist them, and a location for people to donate. Until then, please check back, post a comment, or say a prayer. Thank you.

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